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A Tarrant County jury on Thursday sentenced a 31-year -old Arlington man to 75 years in prison for shooting a  man in the back.

Jurors in state district Judge Everett Young’s court deliberated about an hour on Wednesday before convicting Michael R. Lopez of aggravated assault with a deadlyweapon.

During the trial, prosecutors Michelle Dobson and Colin McLaughlin presented evidence that on July 28, 2009, Lopez was hanging out at an Arlington apartment complex at 707 E. Sanford Street when his brother-in- law got into a fist-fight with a 19-year-old man. Lopez was cheering on his brother-in-law, yelling “Don’t give up. Don’t quit.”

After his brother-in-law lost the fight, as the19-year-old was walking away, Lopez pulled out a gun and shot him in the back.

The victim survived.

During the punishment phase of the trial, the jury heard about Lopez’s criminal history, which included convictions for drug possession and assaulting a family member.

He also had been previously convicted of shooting a man in the stomach—a crime for which he received a 4-year sentence.

The jury also saw photos of Lopez’s tattoos, including one that said “Real Gangsters Make The World Go Round” and another that read, “Born Gangsta. ”

The jury deliberated less than two hours in assessing the 75-year prison term. He must serve 30 years before he becomes eligible for parole.

After hearing his punishment, Lopez lashed out at the jury.

“You people are ridiculous!” he yelled. “Seventy-five years? Are you f---ing serious?”

Sheriffs deputies quickly removed him from the courtroom.


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