davesteph314 – Guest Contributor
Apr 24 2012

If you haven't already found Keller's new hidden treasure, Hoola Hoops, your missing out! Hoola Hoops is a super cute, trendy boutique full of vibrant jewelry, sassy clothing and more, much more! Basically heaven for the dress-up girl in you! With a huge selection, they have something for everyone; including rings, bracelets, necklaces, purses, and blinged-out jerseys (you can even personalize your favorite local team!).

This locally owned business, run by Melissa Schneider, is always on top of the latest and greatest fashion trends. Hoola Hoops offers a wide range of 'swag' from designers such as Deanna Cochran, Consuela and various local Keller artists. In addition to an exculsive line of Scripture Scarves, candles, picture frames, and loads of baubles, Hoola Hoops will quickly become one of your favorite places to shop.

The staff is fabulous and prices are incredibly reasonable, so you can justify spending a few dollars to complete your look and get some much-needed mommy time.  Hoola Hoops has relocated from it's original Bedford location to the Keller Crossing Shopping Center (next to Ace Hardware). 1580 Keller Parkway #109, Keller, TX 76248 (817) 431-8910

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