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Jurors deliberated about two hours on Friday before convicting a 20-year-old Fort Worth man of capital murder in the robbery and fatal shooting of an Everman High School graduate.

Because prosecutors waived the death penalty, Damian Murkledove received an automatic life sentence with no possibility for parole.

During the trial in state district Judge Mike Thomas’ court, prosecutors Mark Thielman and Nelda Cacciotti presented evidence that Murkledove and an associate conspired to “hit a lick” or burglarize the home of Daniel Garner, an 18-year-old Everman High School graduate who lived with his mother and four foster children.

Murkledove and his associate had gone to school with Garner and they had both previously been to his house.

The evidence showed that, on the afternoon of February 19, 2010, Murkledove and his associate were driven to Garner’s house in the 6900 block of Trail Lake Drive by a third man, who agreed to take them there in exchange for money.

Once there, Murkledove and his associate entered the house and saw Garner sitting on the sofa playing a video game. They began shooting at Garner and, when Garner ran, he was shot twice in the back. They chased him through his house and into his mother’s bedroom, where Garner was shot three more times.

As Garner lay dying on the floor, the men stole a gaming system, a big-screen TV, a computer, purses and a small safe that contained the foster children’s medications, among other things.

A short time later, a babysitter arrived with two of the foster children. When she noticed the front door was cracked open and saw the TV missing, she called Garner’s mother who rushed home.

Moments after Garner’s mother arrived, she found her only son dead.

The other two co-defendants have also been charged with capital murder and are awaiting their trials.



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