dsmcclelland_t784729 – Guest Contributor
Jan 31 2017

CONTACT: The Tarrant County Sheriff’s Office non-emergency line 817-884-1213 or your local Police agency

Tarrant County Sheriff’s Office has been made aware of a Fraudulent Green Dot Money Pak scam. The purpose of this scam is to defraud the victim(s) into believing they owe money to a law enforcement agency and coax them into purchasing Green Dot Money Cards. The suspect will identify his self as a police officer or law enforcement official. The suspect tells victims they have pending warrants or fines out of Tarrant County or other police agency for Failure to Appear for Jury Duty and Contempt of Court.

The suspect(s) demands the victims to pay the fines and fees associated with the citations so they will not go into warrant status, by purchasing the Green Dot Money Card Paks. In some cases the suspect(s) will become verbally intimidating over the phone and threaten to arrest the victim(s) for non-payment. Those who fall victim to this scam ultimately purchase these Green Dot Money Cards and provide the necessary information to complete the scam. The Tarrant County Sheriff’s Office and other Law Enforcement agencies in The State of Texas will not call you and request money from you. Law enforcement agencies will not threaten you with being arrested over outstanding warrants and will not have you purchase any type of cards.

If you believe the person is not credible, please ask for identifying information, such as a badge number. Notify the Sheriff’s Office or the local Police Department immediately. 


At Your Service,

David McClelland

Chief of Staff
Tarrant County Sheriff’s Office

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