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With nightly temperatures falling near the freezing mark, it's important to remember to shut off those sprinkler systems when the weather gets colder. The City of Keller wants to remind residents that icy, hazardous road conditions can be created when freezing temps and sprinkler systems are combined.

To avoid this potential danger, you can have a rain/freeze sensor installed on your irrigation system. A sensor will shut off your automatic sprinkler systems during a rain event or when temperatures drop below freezing. New residential systems and commercial systems are required to have the sensors, but if your sprinkler system is not equipped with one, they are fairly cheap and easy to install. Most cost between $60 and $90 dollars and are available at home improvement stores.

You can turn off irrigation systems without the sensors, but if you are not home or forget, the result could be icy streets and sidewalks. Slick sidewalks and streets are a danger to pedestrians and could cause traffic accidents.

Call Keller Public Works for more info at 817-743-4080.