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The burglaries began to occur in the Carson Ranch subdivision of unincorporated Tarrant County around the end of February 2017 and sixteen (16) have been reported since that date. These burglaries have occurred during night, most consistency from 2200 hours through 0100 hours. The actor has utilized unlocked windows, unlocked doors and pet doors to enter homes and remove wallets, purses and cash. The actor has entered homes with residents in the house and been scarred away by residents at least once during the act. The actor is believed to have burglarized cars in the area as well.

On July 29, 2017 at around 2300 hours, a resident encountered this person of interest within his fenced in backyard. The resident stated that the person of interest was crouched next to his backdoor and fled when he saw the homeowner. According to this resident, the person of interest jumped back over his 6 foot fence and ran westward until he was out of sight. The resident described this person of interest as follows:

A young, Hispanic male between 510 and 600 in height, slender of build with short cropped black hair and a full black goatee. According to the resident, the male was wearing a dark navy hoodie style sweatshirt (with the hood pulled down) and was holding a pair of white tennis shoes in his hands.

The person of interest fled the address westbound and was later observed in the subdivision around 2330 hours by a second resident in the area. This resident attempted to contact the person of interest but he jumped a fence and fled into another backyard.

Working with the witness and a forensic artist, the Tarrant County Sheriff’s Office has obtained a sketch of the person of interest.

When asked, Chief Jerry Vennum stated, “I feel this suspect is a danger to the community. We would appreciate any and all help in identifying him. If you believe you have seen this person, please do not attempt to confront him. Please call Detective R. Harwell at 817-884-1213.”