Robert Cox – Guest Contributor
Sep 10 2012
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Tarrant County health officials have notified the City of Keller that Tarrant County will be ground spraying all unincorporated areas of the county.  Ground spraying in some unincorporated areas will begin tonight.  Once spraying does begin, it will be conducted between 9:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m.

ANVIL® 2+2 is the pesticide that will be used.  Anvil is used to control adult mosquitoes in outdoor residential and recreational areas.  It contains sumithrin and piperonyl butoxide as active ingredients.  Sumithrin is a man-made pyrethroid insecticide that can also be found in other pesticide products used indoors and on pets to control ticks and insects, such as fleas and ants.  Piperonyl butoxide does not directly kill insects on its own, but acts to increase the ability of sumithrin to kill insects.

Spraying in the unincorporated areas is being done to help reduce the mosquito population.  Tarrant County Public Health, along with its surveillance partners, will continue to trap and test mosquitoes for West Nile.  Residents should continue to eliminate mosquito breeding areas in and around their homes and neighborhoods. These combined efforts will help to sustain the decline in mosquito activity during the remainder of the season, which typically peaks in August and tapers off around October.

For more information about Tarrant County spraying, call (817) 321-4700 or look for the West Nile Virus Icon on the Tarrant County website at

Press release courtesy of the City of Keller