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Doctors are supposed to have bad handwriting, police officers are supposed to enjoy glazed doughnuts and insurance agents are supposed to drive Volvos.  In Keller, however, that’s not always the case.

When you walk into Keith Bland’s office on Rufe Snow Drive, you’ll notice a number of insurance awards on the walls alongside two swords, a large knife and a battle-axe. 

“I’ve never used them on anyone,” Bland said while laughing.

On his desk, a plastic Mr. Krabs figurine from the “SpongeBob” cartoon appears to be holding on for dear life to the handlebars of a miniature model of a 1960's Harley Davidson Panhead Chopper.  But the model on his desk isn’t the only Harley parked at his office. 

Since he was 11 years old, one of Keith Bland’s biggest passions has been riding motorcycles.  Bland, now 51, can be seen driving his 2006 Harley Davidson Fatboy around Keller and throughout the country.

“Some people like to play golf,” said Bland.  “I like to ride motorcycles.”

The Texas A&M grad admits that it seems odd to a lot of other people for an accomplished insurance agent to also be a motorcycle enthusiast.

“They tell me I don’t look like or act like an insurance salesman, and that’s probably true,” said Bland.  “But I’m always wearing a helmet and goggles, and I always keep the motorcycle in good shape.”

Bland uses his passion for motorcycles to help the community.  He’s involved in Born Again Motorcycle Ministry, a ministry that reaches out to the biker community, and he helps organize “Charity Rides” that benefit members and organizations in the community that have fallen on hard times.  

“What I’ve learned over the years about motorcycle enthusiasts is that they enjoy riding, and they also enjoy riding for a cause,” said Bland.  “We enjoy the opportunity to support and give back to our community.”

Bland’s involvement with Keller doesn’t end with the motorcycle community.  He serves on the Greater Keller Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, where he has received awards for 2007 Member of the Year, 2008 Director of the Year and the 2010 Exemplary Customer Service Award from the Chamber’s Hall of Fame.  Bland is also a member of the Keller Rotary Club and Hillside Community Church, and he leads the networking group Leading Edge Referrals.

“My wife and I both grew up in Keller, so being active in the community and being a part of it with our kids is fun and important,” said Bland.  “Keller has always been home for us.”

In his free time, the motorcycle enthusiast spends time with his wife of more than 27 years, Kim, and their three children, Cody, Nikki and Nash.  Together, the family partakes in skeet shooting, hunting, fishing and camping.

A little-known fact about Bland is that he was a stunt double on the original “Dallas” series and various television commercials.  He has no plans of asking to make an appearance on the current “Dallas” series.

Keith Bland started his insurance agency from scratch on June 1, 2005, and he looks forward to a long a successful career.

Bland is one of the many characters who make Keller a unique city.  Keller is a place where insurance agents ride motorcycles, motorcycle enthusiasts give back to the community and some of the most interesting people are named “Bland.”