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Keller, Texas –  “There is only one you. Live your dream.”

And that’s how the jewelry of Nikko Blu Designs happened.

Kim Waczak, who lives in Keller, Texas, a suburb nestled among the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, has her own distinct style—it’s a vintage, gypsy, bohemian look with hints of rock ‘n roll—all topped with her signature blonde hair.

For years Waczak had made and worn her own jewelry, namely beaded bracelets with eclectic charms, tassels and stones that matched her personal style. People in the area noticed, and not long after, jewelry requests came in—and came in by the dozens.

To meet the growing demand of the requests for her handcrafted jewelry, Waczak opened Nikko Blu Designs from a loft in her home.

More than three years later the business grew beyond Waczak’s expectations. Nikko Blu Designs, featuring not just her bracelets but also beaded dainty rosary necklaces, chain necklaces, bold stone rings and earrings, has caught the interest of retailers nationwide.

And, recently, Waczak opened her first retail store, Nikko Blu Gallery and Boutique, in Old Town Keller, Texas. The store showcases her jewelry and beautiful, fun, one-of-a-kind clothing, accessories, artwork and home décor, all handpicked by Waczak. Nikko Blu Gallery and Boutique celebrates its Grand Opening on Saturday, September 23rd from 10 am to 5 pm.

Walking through the boutique’s doors is an experience in itself. Guests are greeted with a sea of beautifully displayed one-of-kind jewelry and fashion. The stone floor is complemented by a blue tin wall at the back of the store. Lighted signs and tin wall designs hang prominently on the walls. A black distressed, large ornate trestle serves as the checkout counter. Men, shopping with their wives or girlfriends, can hang out at one of the bar stools at the front counter, can watch sports, and can have beverage while the ladies shop.

“Looking back, I see how the road paved its way to get me to this place,” Waczak said.

Waczak has always had a passion for unique jewelry. Her interest in fashion and design began in her hometown just outside of Atlanta, Ga., when as a sophomore in high school, she and a girlfriend took a fashion merchandising class. Around this time, Waczak was chosen to be a model for a well-known department store in the area, which peaked her interest in working in retail clothing and jewelry stores. This experience led her to handcrafting and designing jewelry.

Today, Waczak counts her blessings and how the unexpected unfolded. “I never imagined I would be making my own jewelry sold in 12 states and have my own boutique. It’s beyond a dream come true, and looking back, it’s what I was made to do. This is my passion, and I enjoy the journey and look forward to seeing how things develop,” she said.

One of Kim’s greatest joys in life is the time she spends making the individual pieces of jewelry. She loves to come up with different combinations of beads and charms as well as putting new twists on her designs. She also enjoys spending time with her husband and two children. Kim has lived in the Dallas-Fort Worth area for more than twenty years. Before moving to Texas, she was an Atlanta Falcon cheerleader from 1989 to 1991.

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