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The City of Keller is launching a new fee schedule on July 1, that will help simplify the way costs for services are calculated and allow for innovative new services to be implemented. It is the intent that this structure will more efficiently align the services provided with the needs of the community.

Previously, the City had not conducted a comprehensive fee study in many years. The new structure calls for an annual review of the fees by the City. In addition, the fee structure is designed to be comparatively revenue neutral. Increasing fees for the benefit of generating revenues was not an objective of the plan. Various services will not be affected; and the cost of some services is decreasing.

Those needing certain building permits, water and sewage tap services, and other developmental services will have a more standardized method for determining costs. This will make calculating fees much easier and result in less time being spent on obtaining necessary permits.

“This plan is primarily about making it easier for the customer and the citizens of Keller. We also want to make sure that we are updating the fees to be relevant to the current conditions of today,” said Steve Polasek, City Manager.

Some of the new elements of the fee structure include multiple false burglary alarm fees and set fees for emergency medical services. These additions are meant to cut down on the number of false alarm responses by the Police and Fire Department and further enhance public safety.

“Some fees for services have increased and those new rates are intended to align more closely with their actual cost; however, the fees are only applicable based on user demand for a particular City service. Meaning only those who utilize the service will have to pay for it,” Polasek continued.

A residential sanitary sewer camera inspection fee has also been added, which will produce long-term cost savings and bring peace of mind to residents. The program calls for every newly-built home to have its sewer lines inspected via a sewer camera to ensure they are free of construction debris that might otherwise result in a costly sewer backup within the home.

Press release courtesy of the City of Keller

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