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City of Keller Ordinance Requires Alarm Permits

Beginning July 1, Keller residents will be required to register their home alarm systems on an annual basis or they could face penalties. A new City ordinance calls for an annual registration fee to be implemented and for a third-party private alarm management company, PMAM, to manage records and billing.

Each year the Keller Police Department responds to approximately 2,600 residential and commercial burglar alarms. Ninety-nine percent of these alarms are false alarms. Responding to these alarms consumes approximately 1,800 hours of officer patrol time representing a cost of $120,000 to the City of Keller. The previous alarm ordinance was in need of changes to allow the police to properly manage the growing false alarm concerns in Keller with the goal of reducing their annual number, resulting in a more efficient use of police services.

The previous ordinance required a $50.00 one-time registration fee and lacked the necessary elements to reduce false alarms and manage important contact information. When police responded to these alarms, they often did not have access to current telephone numbers.


The new ordinance requires a yearly $25.00 alarm registration fee. Other changes include a tiered fee schedule for false alarms:
1-3 per calendar year free included in registration fee. 
4-5 per calendar year $50.00 each.
6-7 per calendar year $75.00 each. 
8+ per calendar year $100 each.


Homeowners and businesses who have already registered their alarms within the previous twelve months will be exempt for this upcoming year. Registration is required on an annual basis in a rolling 12-month period.

"Excellent service for our community is our number one priority. Alarm permits will ensure the safety of residents and businesses by securing the correct up-to-date contact information," said Chief Mark Hafner, Director of Public Safety.

Alarm permits may be purchased online at the Keller Police website. This fee schedule is part of the citywide fee schedule change that is being implemented on July 1. More information about these and other fee changes can also be found at

For questions please contact David Hanks, Regional Communications Manager, at 817-743-4505 or by email at


Press release courtesy of the City of Keller

Monday, June 18, 2012