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Keller ISD high school students will spend the night at KISD Stadium discussing, thinking and learning about homelessness. “Homeless for a Night” will take place Friday, Nov. 9 from 11 p.m. to 7 a.m. on Saturday. 

Sponsored by the KISD High School Student Councils, this awareness-raising activity provides an opportunity to promote advocacy, protest and education regarding the homeless situation.

Participating students have been asked to provide a minimum donation of $30 or five blankets or two sleeping bags. Some participants are asking for help from sponsors for the event.

Upon registering, students must turn in their car keys, cell phones and any other electronic devices. The participants will not be allowed to leave the premises unless parents are contacted. During sleeping hours, the students will only be allowed to camp with the same gender.

To learn more about “Homeless for a Night,” click here.

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