Robert Cox – Guest Contributor
Nov 19 2012
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The 5 Best Moustaches in Grapevine

Ah, November. That special time of the year where families sit down for turkey and football, and one word hangs on everyone’s uncovered lips like a small, bristly companion: “Movember.”

As you well know, Movember participants around the world grow moustaches in order to raise awareness and funds for men’s health issues during the month of November. Since the movement began in 2003, Movember has raised hundreds of millions of dollars in support of prostate cancer and testicular cancer initiatives.

To honor this noble cause, BubbleLife Media gives you the five best moustaches in Grapevine, Texas:

5. Chris Whatley – Texas Star Dinner Theater, Owner 

Chris Whatley’s moustache is a force to be reckoned with. 

The owner of the Texas Star Dinner Theater says there was a time when he quit grooming his well-trained moustache, and it would corkscrew when he tried to curl it. During this time, he was able to pull his upper facial hair back behind and over the top of his ears, and it would reach the bottom of his earlobes. 

“(My moustache) was something I always wanted since I was a kid,” said Whatley. “When I sneeze, it cracks like a whip.”

During his 37 years as a moustache aficionado, Whatley has only shaved once. The shaving incident was the result of a bet he made 30 years ago.

“My upper lip hasn’t seen much daylight,” said Whatley.

The actor’s famous moustache is currently assisting him on stage in the role of E.B. Neazer at the Texas Star Dinner Theater, located on Main Street in Grapevine.

4. Kevin Haislip – Lone Star Santas, Grapevine Rotary

The skilled photographer and Grapevine Rotarian takes a more jolly approach to his facial hair. With the exception of short stints of time, Haislip’s moustache has accompanied his upper lip since 1984.

“I’ve just always thought a man looks more rugged and weathered with facial hair,” said Haislip. “I guess it comes from growing up and spending most of my life in the West.”

Haislip has already had a very busy year, publishing a book about Grapevine and welcoming more than 30 Lone Star Santas to the city. He can now add this accomplishment to his 2012 list.

3. Mark Terpening – 2012 GrapeFest, Co-Chair

If you attended this year’s excellent GrapeFest, you no doubt saw the outstanding moustache of Mr. Mark Terpening. The 2012 GrapeFest co-chair’s facial hair has complemented his visage since 1971.

“I chose (to have a moustache) back then because, I don’t know how to state it, but I was a hippie and that’s just what I wanted to look like,” said Terpening. “The second reason was because my nose is so giant, I needed something to balance it out.”

2. P.W. McCallum – Grapevine Convention and Visitors Bureau, Executive Director

Hailing from the same country that spawned the Movember movement, the Australian-born executive director of the Grapevine Convention and Visitors Bureau’s appearance on this list should be of little surprise to any Grapevine resident.

Moustache-clad since 1970, McCallum says his facial hair stems from a family tradition.

“Hair is a gift. It is a defining element of an individual,” said McCallum. “You get to do with it what you want, and for some, that is a substantial moustache.”

1. William D. Tate – City of Grapevine, Mayor

This list would be incomplete without the moustachioed mayor of Grapevine, Mr. William D. Tate.

The accomplished attorney and counselor at law has served as the City’s mayor for 36 years and running. Born and raised in Grapevine, Mayor Tate is involved with the Grapevine Rotary Club and the Grapevine Chamber of Commerce, and he wears his moustache with Grapevine pride.

Consolation Prize: Robert Cox – Grapevine BubbleLife, Neighborhood Editor 

In honor of Movember, your friendly neighborhood editor has forgone his usual Chuck Norris-like chops to join the prestigious ranks of the moustache.

Cox began growing his beard in the eighth grade. Ironically, that’s also when he stopped growing in height and maturity.

Given the longevity of the other participants on this list’s facial hair, the Texas State grad is still a young buck in the moustache game. He has, however, recently gained much wisdom in the ways of the ‘stache from conducting these interviews with Grapevine’s finest moustachioed figures.

Your neighborhood editor wishes you a happy Thanksgiving and a very merry Movember.

Think you or someone you know deserves to be on a best moustache list? Send your favorite moustache-friendly pictures to The pictures may or may not end up in a future article – Rob just thinks moustache pictures are awesome.