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RULES OF THE GAME / Modern Football in a Limited-Contact Environment

The game is designed to look and feel like real football with traditional point scoring, first downs, common fouls and penalties. Play is fast-paced yet controlled to retain the integrity of real football, while maintaining a safer, limited-contact environment with no head impact. Here are the general rules of Flex Football: Flex Football

*No tackling: Players are marked down by having flag pulled 8U & below, *2-hand touch from knees to shoulders 9U and above
*No shoulder blocking: “Hands first” blocking is the only way to block 
*No bull rushing 
*No 3-point stances 
*Blitzes are limited to 1 per new set of downs 
*No A-gap blitzes on the line of scrimmage 
*Running is allowed and encouraged 
*QB’s can only run past line of scrimmage if blitzed American Flex Football Leagues for Fall Season in DFW with 2 locations. Youth Org call or text us to bring Flex Football to you this Fall at 817-690-8458. Individual player or full team registration at…/…/841146335

President/Founder of Texas Elite 7on7 Football. League Play in multiple locations, Tournament & Camps for Youth players in grades 1st through HS - Contact Shawn at  
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