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Lawmakers say 'no' to COVID-19 vaccine mandates

Spectrum Local News Health 11/30 6:45A Kimberly Reeves
A Texas lawmaker who helped manage the Trump administration's coronavirus response wants to ban mandates to vaccinate children against COVID-19

As a physician, I have chosen a company that truly values compassionate care

Dallas Business Journal (Health Care) 11/20 6:00P Theresa Brown, DO, Internal Medi
Medical students typically experience extended hours and stressful working conditions during their residency, but when you have a passion to help patients that doesn’t matter. This was true for me. I always wanted to be a physician and knew that...

Q&A with Robert Fries, EVP and CFO, Children's Health

Dallas Business Journal (Health Care) 11/16 2:27P Rob Schneider
"I have been in health care my entire professional career across several segments, including management consulting, academic medicine, strategic finance and children's health."

Q&A with Gilbert Kouame, CFO, Prism Health North Texas

Dallas Business Journal (Health Care) 11/16 2:24P Rob Schneider
"I am excited about the opportunity to become a consultant to share my extensive nonprofit experience and as a CFO of an organization with complex operations with many organizations with different challenges and opportunities."

Q&A with Preeth Hegde, CFO, Collaborative Imaging

Dallas Business Journal (Health Care) 11/16 2:19P Rob Schneider
We've experienced an incredible amount of growth over the last few years and are trying to understand how to continue to build the infrastructure to support the growth we've experienced.

Q&A with Rebecca Buell, CFO, National Breast Cancer Foundation

Dallas Business Journal (Health Care) 11/16 2:18P Rob Schneider
"I hadn't thought of being in a nonprofit but got connected through a recruiter when I was looking for a new job. I have loved being in this industry since I have such a heart for nonprofits' mission to serve the underserved."
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