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Keller Public Arts Show

The Keller Public Arts Board has made it easy for you to see great local art in the comfort of your own town.

This month’s public art show, “ctrl.alt.P Alternative Portraiture and Other Musings,” is available through the end of the month at Keller Town Hall, located at 1100 Bear Creek Parkway.

The original paintings of artists Barbara Ann Jones, Carola Locke and Eric Nelson are currently on display for free to the public during all of January from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

The Keller Public Arts Board held a special Meet the Artists Reception on Thursday, Jan. 10 from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. at Keller Town Hall. Attendees were treated to meeting the artists, enjoying refreshments and listening to the sounds of a local jazz band.

Barbara Ann Jones has 22 works on display at Keller Town Hall and said she can spend anywhere from 20 to 40 hours on one painting. The Corsicana artist has one daughter and three grandchildren who provide great inspiration for her artwork.

“I like using my children and grandchildren as models because they are cheap to work with,” Jones said with a smile.

Carola Locke’s paintings work toward photo-realism and express her imaginative view of the world. A painter for 10 years, she has 26 pieces on display at Keller Town Hall, including some of her favorite subjects: cycling and beer.

Locke also enjoys painting pop culture subjects, like in her “Complex Napoleon” and “JFK” works. She also deals in the abstract in one of her favorite pieces “Adolescent Dreams,” which depicts some of the dreams she had as a child.

Eric Nelson has been painting in his spare time for 10 years, and the human figure is his muse. He currently has 33 works on display at Keller Town Hall.

Nelson said his charcoal drawings will take him anywhere from seven to eight hours of work while paintings usually take a couple of weeks.

For inspiration, Nelson will attend events where people are dressed in costume, like Civil War reenactments, cowboy gatherings in Fort Worth and the Scarborough Fair.

“People dressed in costumes appeal to me more than the average guy,” said Nelson. 

For more information on this month's Keller public art show, click here.

Check out the photo gallery below for more art by these artists.

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