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Coding Program at Best Brains

STEM education meets creativity in Coding classes. Best Brains teachers lead students through modules designed to teach computer science concepts, provide hands-on experience, and impart real world skills. Any child with an interest in video games, content creation, or new media will benefit from our Coding courses.

Coding is available for students in Grades 1-8, divided into 5 levels based on grade and platform of interest: Scratch, Python, or Web Development. Weekly work is completed with supervision from instructors in student-led modules. 


What topics are covered? Just to name a few...

  • Game Design 
  • Animation
  • Machine learning 
  • Website development 
  • Internet safety tips


What are the benefits of Best Brains Coding Program?

  • Improves problem solving
  • Promotes critical thinking
  • Increases math literacy
  • Utilizes creativity
  • Encourages perseverance
  • Increases attention to detail

Abacus is a one-of-a-kind class offered at Best Brains. We use an actual abacus tool, which is an ancient calculator designed to help with faster calculations. Abacus was designed in such a way that it automatically enhances the power of the right brain. Our right brain is the numerical center and also a place from where analytical memory takes shape. Abacus training enables memory development in spatial orientation.

During the formative ages of 5-14, children have the capability of enhancing their brain power to the fullest. As your child's right brain develops more during the course of our program, they will be able to do complex calculations mentally. Our teaching methods will improve your child's concentration and overall thinking ability.

Benefits of Abacus

  • Enhances photographic memory
  • Enables quick and accurate calculations to be computed mentally
  • Develops concentration, listening and comprehension skills
  • Promotes creativity
  • Builds self confidence
  • Aids in mastery of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division

History of Abacus

The Abacus is an ancient mathematical instrument used for calculation. The Abacus was one of the world's first real calculating tools. The word Abacus is derived from the Greek word "Abex", meaning counting board. The original types of Abacus were dust-covered stone slates with a stylus used for marking numbers. Later this evolved into a slate with grooves where rocks or other counters would be placed to mark numbers. This magical tool has been termed as the "mother of modern computers", and is universally used for solving arithmetic functions like additions, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Best Brains Abacus Program

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Best Brains Keller Announces Scholarships For Summer Day Camp

Beginning today, Best Brains is pleased to announce it is now taking applications to select students who will receive full paid one-week scholarships to its 2019 STEAM+ Summer Day Camp located in Keller, TX. This is the first year that Best Brains will offer full paid scholarships. The deadline for applications is Friday, July 5, 2019.

This scholarship is designed to be used by children in families who are experiencing financial hardship yet have a desire to participate in summer camp. These are students who would benefit from the enrichment that summer camp has to offer.  This scholarship is for children ages 6-12 whose parent(s) is/are:

  • temporarily out of work
  • on limited income
  • overwhelmed by medical or other bills
  • experiencing other financial hardships


To be considered for this scholarship, parents must complete an application. Best Brains will award scholarships based on the following criteria:

       Financial need (Proof of income and financial hardship required)

       Interest and involvement in summer camp activities

       Potential for academic and social development through the summer camp experience

       Space availability


Recent research suggests that there are major gaps in students who attend summer camp; just 7% of students from poor families attend. “We realize that there are many families who cannot afford summer camp for their children. These kids are left home during long summer days looking for things to do while parents work. Some of their chosen activities lead to unfortunate consequences. As seen by a recent news story in which children found a gun and decided to play with it.” We want to change this narrative.

Our hands-on STEAM+ summer camp features science, technology, engineering, art, math + English. Kids, ages 6-12, will learn in a fun, engaging and interactive learning environment. This program will teach our young innovators to question, explore, and conquer obstacles.  Our summer activities will engage students in lessons that meet their social and academic needs. Classes include Coding, Art, Public Speaking, Math, English, and Science.

For Best Brains Keller Scholarship Application information click here.